3 Main Causes of Heat Pump Failure

When you have a heat pump issue, you don’t want to wait around on a solution—you want it fixed as fast as possible. If you’re having issues with your heat pump near Denver, you’ll want to identify the problem first. Here are three main heat pump problems that can lead to failure. 

Common Heat Pump Problems That Can Lead to Failure

Are you having issues with your heat pump? Looking for a quick fix? Here, we’ll discuss three common heat pump issues that can lead to system failure if left unattended—and how to fix it.

1. Heat pump is blowing cold air.

Returning home from a cold winter day to a warm house is a dream…until your heat pump is blowing cold air. If that’s the case, one of the following could be happening: 

  • Your heat pump is defrosting.
  • Your body is too cold and tricking you. 
  • You have a serious issue and need to call a repair service ASAP.

In the winter, a heat pump can go into defrost mode to melt any ice or snow that’s accumulated on the coils—if it’s snowing outside, this could be your answer. Don’t panic—your heat pump will return to normal operation on its own. If its really cold outside, the same can be said for your body. Heat pumps can deliver warm air around 85-95 degrees, which is cooler than your body temperature. If you’ve just come in from the snow, give yourself time to adjust. If you can safely rule out these two things, call an HVAC professional.  

2. Heat pump won’t turn on. 

If your heat pump won’t turn on, it’s most likely an electrical failure. Before calling a professional about HVAC failure, make sure the thermostat is set to heat, check the power switch to the heat pump, and reset any breakers. If the heat pump is still inactive, you might need professional assistance. 

3. Heat pump is running continuously

If you have the opposite problem—a heat pump that cycles continuously—you may also need professional help. Notice a different temperature or find yourself uncomfortable? Call an HVAC technician. Notice that it’s continuously running, but don’t notice a change in temperature? You’re good—heat pumps are created to run constantly with minimal cycles to provide optimal comfort. To control this yourself, always make sure you change out dirty air filters and set your fan to AUTO

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