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Do Closed Doors Actually Reduce Heating Costs?

Whether you’re using a furnace or a heat pump in your Northern Colorado home, it’s designed to keep your home a consistent temperature throughout. However, when you leave your heating system running in the dead of winter, you throw energy efficiency out the window—or do you?

One of the most common suggestions for saving energy during winter is to shut off bedroom and closet doors in the home—but how effective is this for saving energy?

Why Some Think Closed Doors Reduce Heating Costs

The idea of closing doors in the home to reduce heating costs is not just an old wive’s tale. There is a bit of logic behind the idea. Let’s say if you were to close doors all around the home—what would that do? Well, it would limit the amount of air movement required, for sure. Suddenly, the space that needs to be heated would be smaller—and thus, energy costs should be lower…right? Not exactly.

Why Closed Doors Don’t Improve Energy Efficiency

Closed doors don’t necessarily improve energy efficiency or reduce heating costs around the home. While the argument for this idea is sound—and it seems logical—that’s just not how it works.

In reality, closing off doors around the home obstructs airflow (which actually makes your system work harder!). When doors are closed, rooms become pressurized and the air pressure pushes heated air through any small opening it can find. Closed off rooms will eventually start to leak air—and that leaked air will be replaced by the system working even harder.

What’s that leave you with? Significantly higher energy bills, unfortunately.

How to Improve Energy Efficiency

So, what’s the best remedy? And, how does one actually improve energy in the home? Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Don’t shut off doors on purpose.
  • Add new home insulation.
  • Upgrade to an energy-efficient furnace
  • Operate your thermostat properly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance for your heating system.

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