Why You Should Always Choose a Licensed HVAC Company

When your HVAC system breaks, you might be tempted to call up Uncle Joe or a neighbor down the street to offer assistance. Or, you might take the cheapest quote offered to you by an “HVAC company”. While it could save you a quick buck right now, it’s a risky move for any homeowner. 

Before you find anyone to fix your AC, furnace, or heat pump, make sure they are a licensed HVAC professional. Here’s why. 

Why You Should Choose a Licensed HVAC Professional

When choosing a professional to repair your heating and cooling system, you’ll want a licensed and insured individual or company. Why? You should choose a licensed HVAC professional: 

…to protect yourself.

Let’s say your Loveland neighbor does the work for you, or you hire a cheap HVAC contractor that hasn’t been licensed in years. If they do a poor job repairing your unit, you could be setting your system up for failure. From an efficiency standpoint, licensed HVAC professionals are properly trained on how to install and repair systems to run optimally. When you hire an unlicensed technician, you could be gambling away your home comfort. 

Also, unlicensed HVAC contractors don’t usually have insurance. When you choose a licensed professional and the work is still done improperly, you’ll be protected. Before hiring anyone, always ask about insurance policies and to see licensed numbers. Reputable contractors will be able to produce both without much hassle. 

…to save money.

While the upfront cost of hiring a more established HVAC contractor can be high, it’s worth it in the long-term. Poor HVAC installation and repair services can leave you with an inefficient machine that will secretly drain your wallet through energy costs. Plus, excessive energy use and frequent repairs can shorten your system’s lifespan—meaning you’ll be out thousands of dollars for a new HVAC system much more quickly. 

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