3 Things You Didn’t Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are similar to a standard air conditioning unit, except they also have the power to heat your home, too. Whether you have a heat pump or not, you might be fascinated to know that these powerful machines have the ability to keep your home comfortable all year long—and can help save you money and converse energy if you choose the right unit. 

3 Fun Facts About Your Heat Pump

Having a heat pump installed in your Denver area home can be ideal for indoor comfort. Having one unit supply your heating and cooling service can also save you time and maintenance. Yet, you may or may not know all that much about your unit. Here, we’ve gathered three fun facts about heat pumps to educate our customers on these powerful machines. 

1. Heat pumps use the same process to heat as they do to cool.

Even during the coldest months of the year in Colorado, your heat pump uses refrigeration to operate. By operating on refrigeration, your heat pump works to remove heat from the air and cool down the inside of your home. During the winter, the process is reversed to bring heat inside, dissipating from the refrigerant in the indoor unit.

2. Its indoor and outdoor components work year-round.

When you turn your thermostat to heat mode, what do you expect to hear? Most of our customers expect silence, but are surprised to find that their heat pump’s outdoor component is still running. This is normal. Your air conditioning is not running at the same time; instead, your outside fan is running to move air past the coil so that it can absorb heat and move it inside.

3. Adding more refrigerant might not do the trick.

If you’re having heating and cooling problems, you might ask: does my heat pump need more refrigerant? The answer is usually no. If your heat pump is experiencing issues, your best bet is to call a service technician to inspect the area for leaks, question why the refrigerant would be low, and determine if there is a bigger issues at play. 

Good Guys Home Services: Heat Pump Repair Near Loveland, CO

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