Tips to Heating and Cooling Your Tiny House in Denver, CO

Tiny houses are definitely “in” right now—especially in the Colorado Rockies. They are the perfect ski-sized second homes and definitely a hit among the Airbnb-ers of the world. But, like any tiny house owner, you don’t want your HVAC systems eating up valuable space. What’s the right HVAC solution for a tiny house? Let us break it down.

Best Methods for Heating and Cooling a Tiny House

Own a tiny house near Denver? Here’s how you can best heat and cool your home during every season with these go-to methods for providing tiny home comfort.

Tiny Air Ducts

One consideration you can make when thinking about your tiny house HVAC? Ductwork. Like a traditional sized home, ductwork can be installed in a tiny house. Using smaller ducts (similar to that of a mobile home), an HVAC professional would be able to install and set up a furnace in with limited space. Still, you’ll need interior space for the furnace. Consider your tiny home and decide if there is enough room to accommodate a furnace and the required clearances.

Mini-Split Systems

Second, you could consider installing a mini-split system in your tiny house. Mini-split systems allow for year-round tiny home heating and cooling without air ducts. Cool, right? You’ll just need space inside your tiny home to mount a small air handling unit. Keep in mind, you’ll also need your tiny home to remain stationary if you install a ductless unit (aka your tiny home can’t also serve as a travel trailer!).

Portable HVAC Solutions

Lastly, you could invest in portable HVAC solutions—one for winter and one for summer. Window and through-the-wall HVAC units are cheap, reliable, and easy to install. However, you’d need to make sure the unit you choose has the right amount of BTU’s (the energy unit used to measure) for your tiny house. Also, you’ll want to remember to take into consideration how you’ll store the off-season unit when it’s not in use.

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