How to Choose the Right Thermostat for your Denver Home

Thermostats keep your Denver home comfortable all year long. Choosing the right device for your space is important because it effectively controls all of your HVAC products, and helps you take charge of the temperature in your living area. Are you in the market for a new device? Thinking of going smart? Here are three things to consider when choosing a new thermostat. 

Three Considerations When Choosing a New Thermostat

1. Programmability

Can my thermostat be programmed for optimal comfort? Some can; others can’t. Choosing a programmable thermostat for your space will allow you to upgrade your comfort and usability. Plan temperature variations throughout the day without the headache of human error. By not using as much AC or heat during the workday, you might even save a little on your electric bill.

2. Compatibility

Before choosing a new thermostat, you’ll also want to make sure it’s compatible with your other HVAC devices and your energy source. If you have an older AC unit or heat pump, you may want to call out a technician to evaluate your system before purchasing a new thermostat. Also consider whether your Denver home runs on gas, oil, or electric—your thermostat will need to be compatible with whatever energy source you have. 

3. Wireless Connectivity 

For the tech-guru, wireless connectivity might also be a factor to consider. Smart thermostats will allow you to connect your phone to your system via Wi-Fi. This way, you can control your HVAC system while you are at work or on vacation. 

Good Guys Home Services: HVAC Repair Near Loveland, CO

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