4 Ways Hard Water Damages Your Home

Hard water refers to a type of water which contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium. Typically, it’s is no good for your home—and in most houses, it’s considered a major nuisance. Why? Well, hard water can result in many different plumbing problems—all of which could do serious damage to your home. Here are four ways hard water can damage your home in Fort Collins (and beyond!) and why you should consider getting a water softener.

4 Ways Hard Water Damages Your Home

1. Clogging Plumbing

Clogged pipes is never a good problem to have. If you have clogged plumbing due to hard water, you may find yourself replacing parts of your appliances or dealing with cracked or burst pipes. Additionally, mineral builds up around faucets and water fixtures can block water flow.

2. Hard Water Stains

Noticed white spots on your dishes? Have stains in your tub? Hard water stains happen when hard water minerals mix with soap or detergent—and they can be quite unsightly. If you’ve noticed your dishes looking less than ideal, you might be able to blame hard water. While not as serious as other effects, this plumbing issue can result in ugly hard-to-clean stains.

3. Blocked Faucets and Fixtures

Have you recently experienced reduced water pressure? This could be caused by mineral build-up that exists around your faucets and water fixtures. While it seems to be an easy-to-fix problem—just clean the blockage from the fixture, right?—blocked water fixtures can be a sign that a bigger issue is at play. As mentioned previously, hard water can also block plumbing, leading to burst pipes and costly repairs.

4. Extra Soap Residue

Have you noticed extra soap scum in the bathtub? Are there mineral deposits present after you do the dishes? This could also be a sign of hard water.

How to Fix a Hard Water Problem

How do you fix a hard water problem? In the short-term, you can remedy a clogged shower head or hard water stain by soaking the area in a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. The vinegar helps to eat at the calcium and magnesium. However, this is only a temporary solution. As long as you have hard water, the buildup will continue to happen. To remedy the problem entirely, call in the professionals at Good Guys Home Services—learn how our team of plumbing professionals in near Fort Collins can help!

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