How to React to a Plumbing Emergency

Have you ever returned home to find your water pipes have burst? Flushed only to find that your toilet won’t stop overflowing? In a plumbing emergency, your first reaction might be to panic…stop it. That’s not the right response. Use your fight or flight instinct—act quickly to minimize damage, then call an emergency plumbing service near Fort Collins.

Step-by-Step Here’s How to React to a Plumbing Emergency

At some point, every homeowner experiences a plumbing emergency of some kind. Don’t panic. Understanding your options and what to do when a problem arises will make the emergency much easier to deal with. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to react.

Turn off the water shut-off valve.

When you realize a pipe has burst or you see water damage in the ceiling or walls, find your water shut-off valve. Once you locate it, switch it off—this will cut the water supply to your home and stop any excess water flow until the issue is solved.

Drain water from the pipes.

Once you’ve turned off the water shut-off valve, turn on all faucets to drain remaining water from the pipes. This will help to further minimize the amount of water damage to your walls and floors.

Call a plumber ASAP.

Once you’ve shut off the water supply, call a local emergency plumbing service as soon as possible. Follow any instructions they may give and wait for them to arrive before you try to fix anything yourself.

Take photos of the damage.

Do, however, snap a few photos of the damage. This may come in handy for insurance purposes later. (Although, if you don’t have the time or are too overwhelmed, skip this step—a water restoration team will likely send in a professional assessor after the incident to take photos, too).

Clean up excess water.

Mop up and any excess water before the plumber arrives. Cleaning the water up quickly will help save your flooring from excess damage and the possibility of full replacement.

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