Get Ready for the First Day of Summer With Our AC Special

June 21 is the First Day of Summer—how do you want to spend it? Not waiting around on the HVAC guy to fix your broken air conditioner, I’m sure. Get ready for summer now with Good Guys Home Services. WIth our special AC offer, you can get an AC Tune-Up for only $59.

5 Steps to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

Ready to get your AC up and running at optimal capacity? Here’s your summer AC checklist.

1. Turn It On

First and foremost, if you haven’t turned on your AC unit yet this year, do it now. Turn it on and stay alert for any problems. Do you hear strange noises—like pops and crackles—coming from the unit? Is your home cooling off as quickly as you’d like? Does your unit cycle on and off repetitively? Take note of any changes and contact a professional if you think the problem could be taken care of with an AC repair or replacement.

2. Check Your Filters

Next, check and change your home’s air filters. Ideally, you should be changing your air filters every one to three months, depending on the use of your HVAC system to maintain a healthy space. Checking them before the start of summer—and ensuring they are free and clear of any dirt and dust—will ensure your system is ready to run.

3. Inspect the Outside

Next, you’ll want to visually inspect around your AC unit before the start of regular cooling season. Have weeds, grass, and debris gathered around your AC unit? Take time to clear the trash, weed eat, and make sure the exterior space around your AC unit is clean.

4. Consider an Upgrade

How old is your AC unit? How many summers has it kept your family in Denver, Fort Collins, or Loveland nice and cool? If you can’t remember when you last installed an AC unit or you know it’s been over 10 years, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Installing a new AC unit in your home can save you money on your energy bills and will likely be more environmentally friendly than your last—what’ve you got to lose?

5. Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Lastly, you’ll want to schedule an AC tune-up to make sure your unit is 100% ready for the first day of summer. AC-tune up will give a professional the chance to make sure you didn’t miss anything and assess the unit’s lifespan. Regular AC maintenance is super important—and if you don’t adhere to routine you might find yourself  with an unexpected break down and no air conditioning on a hot day.

What’s Included In the $59 AC Tune-Up Special?

AC tune-ups are one of the most important tasks on your summer to-do list. They help your unit recover lost efficiency, operate more safely, and reduce your operating expenses. Regularly maintaining your air conditioner can also increase the overall lifespan of the unit and help you avoid massive repairs.

So, what’s included in our regular AC tune-up? A lot of things for not a lot of money. First, we’ll do a comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils. Then, we’ll evaluate your coolant level and calibrate your thermostat. Our professional technicians will also provide a full inspection of the system and tighten all the electrical connections to verify safe system operation. If we see anything suspicious, we’ll warn you ASAP and help you solve your AC problems early.

Good Guys Home Services: #1 for AC Tune-Up in Fort Collins  

Want to keep your home’s HVAC system running optimally? Choose Good Guys Home Services—the Fort Collins AC tune-up professionals. You won’t have to fret about your cooling system’s performance ever again. Our HVAC professionals perform regular AC maintenance like tune-ups, inspections, cleanings, repairs, and more at the start of every season. Plus, we have raving reviews from neighbors and past customers all over Northern Colorado.

We are here to help with all of your heating and cooling needs throughout the year. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment or learn more about our HVAC services. Want to chat with a technician? Give us a call today at (970) 818-8008—we can’t wait to speak with you!

We offer year-round HVAC services for heating, cooling, and more throughout Northern Colorado. Located in Fort Collins, we also serve the following areas: Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, and Longmont, Colorado.

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