How to Minimize Asthma Attacks By Improving Indoor Air Quality

Think your home is making your asthma worse? Indoor air quality can have major effects on the health of you and your family. Here’s how to take action to minimize the effects of asthma and improve your overall indoor air quality (IAQ). 

5 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Asthma at Home

1. Keep your air smoke-free and scent-free.

On a positive note, you have a lot of control over your indoor air quality. You, for the most part, determine what you’re breathing inside your home. To avoid excessive asthma attacks, it’s best to keep your home smoke-free and scent-free. This means you’ll want to avoid using asthma triggers like cigarettes, scented candles, perfumes, and cleaning supplies 

2. Clean on a regular schedule.

Want to improve indoor air quality? Clean up. Dust, pet dander, and mold can be major triggers for asthma attacks. Thankfully, they’re also easily neutralized by keeping things clean and tidy. Vacuum regularly and dust the furniture. Wiping down ceiling fans can also be a quick fix for excess dust. Having a really hard time with the allergens in your home? Consider replacing carpets (and other allergen-trapping fibers) with hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. 

3. Install a dehumidifier. 

Is your bathroom rather humid after a hot shower? Think you might be experiencing mold growth that’s causing your asthma attacks? Installing a dehumidifier can help you manage your home’s humidity levels associated with discomfort and mold.

4. Use a HEPA filter. 

Changing your air filter out on a recommended schedule is the first step to reducing allergens in your home. If you need additional comfort, consider installing a HEPA filter instead of a traditional one to trap more allergens. You can find these in your local hardware store or wherever you shop for home improvement goods. 

5. Consider a duct cleaning. 

Duct cleaning is a maintenance task anyone who suffers from asthma should take seriously. Air ducts, especially in older homes, can harbor dust and mold that trigger asthma attacks and make you feel miserable. Scheduling a duct cleaning with your local HVAC company will help you breathe easier knowing there’s minimal containmentants living in your ductwork.

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