Is It Time to Replace My Furnace Filter?

Wondering if it’s time to change the furnace filter in your home? You’re not alone. ‘How often should I replace my furnace filter’ is a highly-searched question—and that’s not surprising. There tends to be a misconception surrounding how often you should make the switch—here’s an official answer from Denver’s top HVAC service technicians. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Furnace Filter?

It’s recommended to replace your one to two-inch furnace filters every three months, depending on the condition of your home and quality of your filter. Thicker filters—like four-inch filters or five-inch filters—can be replaced less often. Consult your HVAC professional for more personalized advice for your system. 

5 Signs Your Air Filter Needs to Be Changed

When your furnace filter needs to be changed, you’ll often notices a few of the following signs:

1. Visibly dirty filter.

Can no longer see the material of the filter? If you open your return vent to see a dusty, dirty air filter, it’s time to change it. At the three month mark, your filter usually isn’t completely full. If you find yourself in this situation, you may also wish to consult a professional about your indoor air quality (IAQ). 

2. Noticeable dust.

Notice more dust than usual on your mantle? Check your air filter. Excess dust is a sign that your air filter needs to be changed. Dust can shorten the life of your furnace filter. If your home is regularly dusty—just because—you should plan to change your one to two-inch air filters more often, or find ways to reduce dust overall. 

3. Burning smell.

Does your HVAC system smell like it’s on fire? If you get a whiff of anything strange near your return vent or HVAC system, check your filters first. Burning smells are obviously a bad sign—and, while it could be a sign that you need to change your furnace filter, it could also be a sign of more serious issues.   

4. Continuously running HVAC system.

Is your HVAC or furnace continuously running? Or, is it cycling on and off? Before you panic, check your furnace filter. Dirty air filters are the most common cause of a short cycling furnace. Dirty filters restrict air from reaching your furnace’s heat exchanger—and it can cause it to  overheat. Change your air filter ASAP to avoid any major issues. 

5. Worsening allergies.

Does a family member have terrible allergies or asthma? When it’s time to replace your furnace filter, you might be tipped off by the increased sneezing. Allergies can worsen when your indoor air quality suffers—and that’s a common sign of needing to replace your HVAC filters. 

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