4 Professional Drain Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Getting the keys to your new home near Denver is one of the best feelings. You finally own something of major value—and you’ve even got that new homeowner glow. Everything is going swell…until it’s not. At some point, every new homeowner will face their first plumbing incident or issue.  Today, we’re focused on the smallest problem: drain cleaning. 

4 Tips for Drain Cleaning in Your New Home

Have a clogged drain in your new home? Before you panic, consider some quick and easy solutions for unclogging your drain. Here are 4 of our professional drain cleaning tips for the new homeowner.

1. Use boiling water.

Looking for a simple at-home remedy for a clogged sink or bathroom drain? Boiling water. Simply boil a pot of water on the stove or use a tea kettle. Once the water reached a bubbling temperature, pour it directly down the drain. This simple solution should cut through even the toughest clogs, like fat and grease.

2. Avoid harsh chemicals.

What’s one new homeowner mistake? Thinking harsh store-bought drain cleaners are the way to go. When you were renting an apartment, you may have settled for this easy option, but you didn’t have to deal with the aftermath. Harsh chemicals can eat away at pipes and cause unnecessary plumbing damage down the line.

3. Try a drain snake.

Gross, but effective, drain snakes can be a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch. Whether it’s a long, slender piece of plastic or more like a fishing rod, these devices can help you retrieve hair strands and hefty clogs from the darkest places.

4. Call in the professionals.

Think your probably could be more sinister than a simple clogged pipe? Is the clog too stubborn to get out yourself? Calling in a professional plumber isn’t a sign of giving up. It’s called being resourceful. If you’re located near Denver, Colorado, the team at Good Guys Home Services can give you a hand—contact us today!

Good Guys Home Services: #1 in Plumbing & HVAC Near Denver, CO

Need plumbing help near Denver, Fort Collins, or Loveland? Simply don’t have time to clean out the bathroom drains? You might turn to quick chemical products promising cleared drains in seconds. But some things can have potentially negative impacts on your home’s plumbing.

Before you take care of a drain issue yourself (and potentially damage your drains or pipes in the process), call Good Guys Home Services. We are #1 in Denver for plumbing and HVAC. Give us a call today at (970) 818-8008 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment

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