How to Protect your HVAC System Before a Storm

Protecting your HVAC system from August hurricanes and strong gusts of wind can save you majorly on home repairs. Even if you have excellent homeowner’s insurance coverage, you’ll want to take steps to ensure the safety of all of your appliances. Preemptive steps will help you avoid the headaches of filing a claim and keep rates low—here’s how to protect your HVAC system this summer and fall.

4 Ways to Protect your HVAC System Before a Storm

1. Invest in surge protectors. 

With any major storm, you run the risk of experiencing power outages—and this includes losing power to your HVAC unit. To avoid any electricity surges that can fry your appliances, consider investing in whole-house surge protectors for your appliances and devices. Installing a surge protector for your HVAC unit specifically is also a good idea and can ensure 24/7 protection. 

2. Label your circuit breakers. 

When you experience a power surge, you might have to run over to the breaker box to restart everything…except, you aren’t sure what lever turns on what appliance or set of lights. To avoid HVAC and other major appliance failure, label the breakers and turn them off when severe weather warnings have been issued. Make sure all family members know what to do when a storm is about to strike. 

3. Remove excess shrubbery and trees. 

Is your HVAC system outdoors? You must also consider your outdoor landscaping. Keep trees and shrubbery cut back away from the HVAC system. Severe storms and winds may cause close limbs and branches to fall on the unit and cause problems. 

4. Tie down your condenser. 

It’s also recommended to tie down your outdoor condenser to avoid any issues with weather. Strong winds can topple your condenser and leave you in a lerch, If your condenser is not tied down, ask your HVAC service technician if they can secure it to its slab during your next maintenance visit. 

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